Custom Product Development

There are two main reasons why companies decide to look at the software development outsourcing. One is the IT skills shortage and the fact it leads to the expenses increase. If we compare the cost for inhouse development, on average, it's 30-50% cheaper.
The second reason is improved efficiency - looking outside the company to today's market for so many different kinds of business services allows the luxury to consider the options none thought possible a few years ago.

We offer you an opportunity to trade ownership for results.

We earn our pay just by pushing the performance of your operations beyond the performance you are capable of. Supply cost-effective and innovation are the milestones for us

Project Types

  • Turnkey projects from the scratch
  • Integration with systems that you already utilize
  • Legacy IT system transformation
  • Moving to Cloud
  • Data Warehousing solutions
  • Startups, etc...

What do we do?

Tecwi offers umbrella software development for custom projects from inception to launch and beyond. Our inhouse team delivers full spectrum of custom software development - we help you to design, develop, deploy and run next- generation products that will bring your business to new orbit. More specifically, our services include:
  • Prototyping the idea, MVP concept, architecture set-up
  • Coding and design
  • Testing and QA
  • Roll-out support: end-product trainings, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting

Your part

We aim to provide you with a seamless package of services and thereby free you from managing the pieces. You entrust Tecwi with the full responsibility for delivering the project while retaining predictability, transparency and control over costs. We just negotiate the project scope, deadlines and your expectations, we also need dedicated contact for mid-road clarifications and checks, finally we expect your kind feedback on our collaboration

How it works?

Step 1

You challenge us with the concept

Step 2

We design and prototype

Step 3

We develop and deploy

Step 4

Roll-out support and further maintenance

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