Software Quality Assurance

Business critical applications are increasingly being tested by third party suppliers as businesses strive to reduce the high costs associated with software failure, without the huge investments needed for rigorous in-house testing processes. According to researches, the average big application costs an extra £1+ mio as a result of problems with the code that need to be fixed after software goes live. It's an obvious trend of investing in improving testing processes to cut losses from failures after production. But not all businesses have the resources to do their own testing while the marketplace offers a broad array of high quality choices, including niche delivery capabilities.
Tecwi is pleased to offer two major collaboration models:
  • end-to-end business process quality assurance for software based systems
  • test technology consulting and allocation best of bread skills to deliver the know-how and execution excellence
Our goal is improvement your performance through enhanced software quality.
That's why we place your needs at the heart of all our business activities.

Functional testing

  • All levels Classic Testing - we check your software thoroughly and eliminate errors;
    • acceptance testing
    • integration testing
    • test automation
  • Multi Channel Testing - we check your software thoroughly and eliminate errors;
  • Data Migration Testing - we ensure smooth data migration without gaps, etc..

Non-functional testing

  • Load and Performance Testing - ensures quick error-free software in run, we help you provide your users with the best possible service;
  • Security Testing - we eliminate weak points to protect you from attack and improve your security continuously;
  • Compatibility/configuration Testing
  • Database performance testing, etc..

What value do we bring?

  • Aligning your software quality and security to the global standards
  • Cost optimization - niche specialists with broad experience will establish efficient testing processes within the minimum period of time

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