My Development Team

Dedicated development team service helps you onbord custom-recruited team of software developers as an extension to your own infrastructure. You manage the team directly so that it fully integrates into your business culture while Tecwi ensures complex staff support:
HR & Retention

We assist you hire best of bread skills fast through highly-quality interviews, as well as upscale or downscale easily with one month notice. Retention programs are one of the key aspects, so we are keeping abreast to latest market developments and keeping on generating fresh team-building ideas
Payroll and other Payments

We are fully responsible for establishing 100% efficient payment infrastructure. We also take care of ensuring the best banking terms and conditions for the staff through RFP competitive practices
Complex Staff Support

  • business trips coordination;
  • staff legal and accounting support;
  • system administrators' support;
any other needed support..
Inspiring Workplace

If you choose to domicile your dedicated team within one of our locations we ensure workspace in B+ class business offices, secured networks, telephones, conference rooms, lounge zones, canteen, meals, sports, corporate events

100% Remote Team

  • 100% remote team brings you unprecedented cost efficiency - workplace arrangement costs are completely eliminated;
  • 100% remote team brings added flexibility in staff reward options: you can choose monthly based salary rate or hourly salary rate;
  • 100% remote team option is based on freelancers team with whom we have a proven track record. Our freelance team members are highly "professionally diversified", meaning they are getting involved in many different projects and dynamically enrich their skillset. They are also extremely client-oriented, easy-going and highly motivated since their image makes their success

Domiciling Team within Tecwi locations

  • domiciling dedicated developers team within Tecwi offices helps you to grow your own team with greater control and still less costs comparing to managing in-house software development;
  • you easily onboard team members with min organizational issues being involved in - we ensure workspace in B+ class business offices, conference rooms, lounge zones, canteen, meals, sports, corporate events. Hard and software equipment is the only thing we expect you to cover, for sure we have several assistance options here

How it works?

Step 1

We probe for Your requirements and needs

Step 2

We shortlist the candidates for you

Step 3

You interview and hire the best

Step 4

We start our success story

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